Charlie's Story
12 February

Charlie's Story

The Story

Charlie found out she was pregnant the same day she flew to Hong Kong to launch her business Cuckooz. Last month she celebrated her daughter’s first birthday but she has a lot more to celebrate as she launches her second business, Cuckooz Nest - a place for parents to work with a crèche on site. Genius! She tells us how and why she launched two businesses in less than two years whilst being a new mum.  

What is the motivation behind Cuckooz Nest? 

As a business owner, I had to go back to work six weeks after my daughter was born. I looked into childcare and there weren’t many options for young babies. I started by taking her to the office but that became more and more challenging. I chose to employ a nanny four days a week. 

The biggest challenge I face now is the constant feeling of guilt. Guilt that I am not dedicated to work as I am always the first to leave the office. And, guilt that I only get 2-3 hours a day with my daughter during the week. I thought, if only there was a crèche space at work! That’s when the idea for Cuckooz Nest was born.  

Do you think a lot of women face this challenge? 

My personal situation is shared with thousands of mums in the UK; one in seven freelancers are working mums and the number of self-employed women is rising three times faster than the rate of men. However, the cost of childcare is high equating to roughly a third of the average household income. This is keeping parents out of work. 

How can Cuckooz Nest help?

We are addressing the cost of childcare for parents who are self-employed or business owners by providing an affordable and flexible solution. Parents only pay for what they need and can scale childcare up or down depending on their work requirements.

We believe parents should be able to transition seamlessly between work and life, empowering parents to pursue bug careers without compromising parenthood. 

What tip would you give for working mums? 

A happy mum is a happy baby. If you need to work (or even if you want to work) it’s OK.

What does a day in your life look like? 

Each day is different and I love that! On a normal day I wake up at 6am; get to spend an hour and a half in bed with my daughter and then get to the office for 8.30am. I probably have three meetings during the day, a site visit, 20 phone calls with various suppliers, consultants, partners etc. I’m surrounded by a team of great women, including my co-founder Fabienne, who fill the office with laughter. Home by 6.30pm, bath, bed…repeat!

Will you be using Cuckooz Nest?

Absolutely! I am so lucky that I have the best nanny that I can rely on her 100%. She has been with us since Orla was 6 weeks old but by Easter I’ll have Orla with me in Cuckooz Nest. I’ll get to see her a lot more and will no longer feel guilty about working.  

Cuckooz Nest opens this April in Clerkenwell, London. Get in touch with Charlie direct - and quote MOXI18 for a 10% discount on your first booking.

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