Growing Your Money

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Did you know that withinflation your savings are worth less each year? Not good news. Tell me why and how? Inflation is when the cost of t…

How Much Inheritance Tax Will Your Parents Pay?

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The Story
Money that is left to you in a will may be taxed at a whopping 40%. Yes you read that right. Back Up In 1894 the UK gov…

6 Essential Money Saving Tips

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Six seriously good money tips which will save you thousands: 1. Spend using a card that pays you cash or air miles. You can find your best opti…

Couples: How to co-manage your finances

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How many of you have argued with your partner about money? If you answered yes, you’re not on your own. Whether it’s arguing over who pi…

Saving Tips from Catherine Morgan

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Catherine Morgan, the founder of The Money Panel, shares tips on how we can be better equipped to handle money issues. 6 quick-wins to manage y…

How to Reduce the Cost of Childcare?

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One of the (unwanted) surprises of becoming a parent is the cost of childcare. Sometimes this can be as much as your yearly re…

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