Accumulator Fund

Income made from a fund is reinvested into the fund

Additional Rate

Any income over £150,000 earned in a tax-year (from April 6th to April 5th the following year) is taxed at the additional rate of 45%. You can read more about income tax here.

Angel Investing

A rich individual who invests money in business start-ups in exchange for shares (aka equity) in the business or as a loan which can be converted into shares equity at a later date.


The process where you give your pension pot to an insurance company and in return they pay you a fixed sum of money each year. You can read more about retirement options here

Asset Allocation

Refers to all the assets  - these are cash, bonds, property, stocks and commodities - in a fund and the percentage breakdown.

Annual Report

A report showing a company's previous year's activities and financial performance and an inidication of future plans from the board of directors.


Save Money

The best ways to save 

Keep your savings safe and earn a little extra on top (bonus!). These guides reveal the best places to stash your cash, how you could save more and how to plan for the future.

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