Capital Gain

If your investments – like shares or a buy-to-let property - go up in price and you sell them, the difference between the price you bought and the sale price is a 'capital gain'. In fact if you sell a personal possession that is worth over £6,000 (apart from your car) and you make a profit, the UK gov may ask you to pay capital gains tax. BUT each year you get a £11,700 capital gain tax-free allowance, above this and you have to pay. You can find all the details here

Cash Investment

A type of investment which is short-term, usually less than 90 days, where you lend money in return for interest payments

Cash ISA

A savings account that pays interest tax-free; these include Saving ISAs and Help-to-Buy ISAs. You can only open one Cash ISA each year and there are yearly deposit limits across all your ISAs. You can read more here


A raw material - gold, oil, copper - or agricultural product - coffee beans, rice, sugar cane - that can be bought or sold, aka 'traded'.

Corporate Bond

A type of investment which involves lending money to a company in return for interest.

Coupon (Finance)

The annual interest rate paid on a bond shown as a percentage of the total loan. Usually interest on bonds are paid twice a year.


The raising of money for a private company or venture from a large number of people who each contribute a small amount

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