How much money you, a company, government or any other organisation owes to another party

Default Fund

A fund selected from the employer for all employees who do not have the financial know-how or assistance to choose their own fund.

Defined Benefit Pension

An employee benefit scheme where your pension, when you retire, is a percentage of your yearly salary (aka Final Salary Pension).

A great perk but you usually have to wait ‘til 65 to claim it.

An added bonus? The longer you work at the company the higher the percentage you’ll get.

Defined Contribution Pension

When you or your employer, or both, pay into your pension pot each month. When you retire you can use this pot of money to support you.

Discount (Bond Price)

When a bond is priced lower than its issue price

Dividends Yield


The dividends paid per share in last 12 months divided by current share price - aka an indication of your investment return from dividends if you were to buy the share today.  


The profits of a company paid out to shareholders

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