Independent Financial Adviser who offer advice on financial products without any behind the scene motivation or conflict of interest. The word 'independent' was added after the government cracked down on Financial Advisors receiving commission from referring their clients to certain products.


When it's hard to sell or buy shares of a company (or any other traded product) because they're isn't enough people to sell to or buy from aka there is no market

Income Fund

Typically these funds invest in products that pay out a regular income. Such as dividends from stocks or interest from bonds. Income made from a fund is regularly deposited straight into your bank or broker account.

Income Tax

Tax you pay to the government depending on the total income you receive in a year. Your main source of income is usually from a salary but you can also earn income from investments or letting our your property. There are tax-breaks for different types of income, we have a guide for that. 


When a company, or other organisation, is legally set-up and recognised

Innovative Finance ISA

An account offered by Peer-to-Peer lending platforms which allows you to lend money without having to pay tax on the interest income you earn.


Money paid to you regularly at a particular rate when you make a loan (this includes putting your money into a bank account which is a loan to the bank!)


The action of investing money with the aim to make profit and/or income. 


The action of investing money with the aim to make profit.

Issue Price

The price at which a company, government or other organisation sold their bonds to investors. This happens when bonds are newly issued and the first buyers are called the primary market.

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