P/E Ratio


Price-to-earnings ratio is how the price of each share compares to the amount earned from each share, or mathematically explained as Share Price divided by Earnings per Share.

Passive Fund

A fund that does not need a fund manager since they are fixed investments that follow certain industries or markets and will move up and down with them (aka Tracker Fund). Fees applied to these funds are a lot less than regular funds.

Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending

An investment which involves lending money to other individuals or companies in return for interest payments. The lending takes places through an online platform which matches lenders with borrowers.

Pension Provider Fee

A fee charged for the pension set-up, ongoing admin and providing you with account information including annual statements (aka Annual Management Charge). The good news is that the UK government capped the fee on workplace pensions at 0.75% (fyi, this means for every £10,000 in your pension the most you’ll pay is £75 a year). If you have a pension outside of your work, the provider could charge more.

Performance Fee

A payment made to a fund manager if the fund makes a profit. The fee is usually a percentage of the profit.    

Personal Saving Allowance

An allowance from the UK gov which allows you to earn a certain amount of interest each year without having to pay tax on it. The allowance depends on which income tax band you are in, we have a guide for that.

Premium (Bond Price)

When a bond is priced higher than its issue price

Primary Market

The pool of investors who are the first to buy newly issued stock or bonds directly from a company, government or other institution.

Private Company

A company whose shares are not freely traded on a stock exchange and hence are not available to 'anyone' 


A financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent

Public Company

A company whose shares are freely traded and 'publicly' available on a stock exchange 

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