Salary Sacrafice

You give up part of your salary (before income tax and National Insurance is deducted) and in return your employer gives you a benefit. Think: Pension contributions, childcare vouchers, company car, cycle to work scheme, ...

Secondary Market

The pool of investors who do not buy stock or bonds directly from the company, government or other institution when is was newly issued, instead they are buy from investors who already hold the stock or bonds.

Sector Breakdown (Funds)

All the industries the fund has invested in

Self Invested Pension Portfolio (SIIP)

A personal pension account that allows you to invest in many different things like shares in a specific company or commercial properties



A portion of a company

Share Price

A price of a single share


The owner of a piece or all - aka shares - of a company


The difference between the buy price and the sell price of a share. It’s essentially the charge made by the ‘middle-man’ connecting buyers and seller.

Spread Fee

A fee originating from the difference between the sell and buy price of shares or any other trade product, aka a 'middle-man' fee


The collective name for all the shares you own.

Stock Broker

The collective name for all the shares you own.

Stock Exchange

A broker who buys and sells shares on behalf of their clients. Most offer online services these days.  

Stocks and Shares ISA

A place where shares of public companies are bought and sold.

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